This post is for you “Mumma”. It’s the least thing I can ever give to you for all that you have been to me.

” As a tiny tot when you left me to be cared by babysitters, I stood near the door looking through the keyhole whether any figure resembled you. God was with me. Your work room was right in front of the playschool and I stood the whole day watching how carefully you worked. I don’t know whether you knew it Mumma, I missed you the most then because I’m seeing you so close yet I’m so far away to reach you(I’m so tiny to get hold of the lock that was out of my reach 😛 ). I used to cry. When other kids played and forced me to join their games, I refused to part with you. When the babysitter would drag me away from the door  with the little strength I had, I pushed her so hard that I wouldn’t lose my place of solace. I fought for you Mumma when I was just four years old. Do you know why? I’m so much in love with you Mumma that I couldn’t imagine how I could live without you.

But as I grew up, somewhere around I parted ways with you. My ideas opposed yours. But still at the end of the day you stood with me as always 🙂 

During my late teens as my world became more cluttered you just silently stood there; not inciting me for any arguments whatsoever. You just prayed, prayed and prayed hoping that one day I will return back to you.

Now at 23, I know Mumma that your prayers have been answered. The tears you shed for me have not gone in vain. As I laid down on your lap yesterday I realized the warmth I missed all these years when I was keeping you out. Today when you cleared all the knots as you were combing my hair I realized your patience and endurance to make everything straight no matter how entangled things may appear.

I salute you Mother, my Secret Keeper, my Best Friend and my Life giver”

I love you always, Mumma 🙂Image


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