I’m Waiting

I’ve been thinking lately whether my words contradict my actions. I always carried the belief that I do things right. I was wrong. I’ve hurt people, broken their trust too a million times. The very words which I’m in love with had left me and no word can console the heal the hearts which I’ve broken.

Of course time heals and constant apologies have had effect in winning them back to me. Afterwards I do pause and take time to thank God for their change of heart in accepting me once again. I believe only God can give them a heart to forgive.

To all those who have given me a second chance and have not given upon me still I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To all those who are yet to accept my apology I just want to close with this saying :

“To err is humane but to forgive is divine “

I still choose to believe that you will come back for me one day.

I’m waiting..



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