Looking Up!

I remember the times when my heart was too weak to beat for me

The days when I breathed with pain 

And I just wished everything would come to an end soon

Alas! My prayers were never answered

My tears were never wiped away

My groaning was never silenced

I stood still for death to just swallow me

I hoped that destiny would be harsh to me

I longed for more pain, for more reasons to quit

I begged that I hear no more advice

I stood still for death to visit me soon

Until one day I was greeted by a King

His voice was thunderous

He touched the skies

He rode the chariots of fire

He holds the sands of the world in His hands

I asked how He knew me

He showed my name engraved on His palm

Such a great lover and how did I miss Him all these years

And finally I asked His name

He said , 

“Be still and know that I’m God”

 Now I’m standing still with Him at my right hand


And Now, 

I’ve only countless reasons to live

I’ve only joy to give away

I’ve only a heart that sings only for you , my true love

My one and only Father,

The lover of my soul!


2 thoughts on “Looking Up!

  1. amiracle says:

    loved it:):):)

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