Crossroad Wanderer

Life is never the same. It surprises you , tortures you and makes you feel the happiest in every turn. But over the past few days my life is filled with pain and nothing else. The reason can be many. Insecurity to be precise. For all who are going through such unexpected roadblocks in life, I just want to say something to you, “Stay strong. You are more than what you believe. ” If you want to let go off that hurt, feel that episode happened to make you courageous only. God challenged your very being to know that pain is too weak in your way. The pain will disappear today. If not today , but there is a tomorrow where he has to give up on you. Be brave! Choose the other side of  the road.  Your blessing is still secure. No plan of enemy can prevail against you. Fight the good fight and come back home victorious. Your Heavenly Father has not given upon you yet. He is waiting for you with your crown of life. STAY BLESSED UNDER HIS WINGS!good-soldier-Christ-Jesus-300x247


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