There was a time in my life when all used to adore you even for the teeny weeny things. People shower their praises on you so much so that you begin to feel like that moment is unstoppable, it will go on forever. How I didn’t realize that people change, situations grow worse and you still never learn from any of it and always look forward for that past adulation. My life has hung on what others thought about me. If people said something good I’m happy. But if it turns out to be bad, I start hating myself. So much of hatred and rejection I harbored in my mind that there were times when I thought I should put an end to the misery I’m going through. But hope does plays strange games with me. I’m not gutsy to even act upon my quick fix to pain. I felt this is the only way out. Life never improved. I never improved. I’m still lying on that road, beaten and broken. Some walk past me. A few stop and most jeer seeing my “well deserved doom”.This is it. I can’t go on again. I’m giving up.


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