Looking Up!

I remember the times when my heart was too weak to beat for me

The days when I breathed with pain 

And I just wished everything would come to an end soon

Alas! My prayers were never answered

My tears were never wiped away

My groaning was never silenced

I stood still for death to just swallow me

I hoped that destiny would be harsh to me

I longed for more pain, for more reasons to quit

I begged that I hear no more advice

I stood still for death to visit me soon

Until one day I was greeted by a King

His voice was thunderous

He touched the skies

He rode the chariots of fire

He holds the sands of the world in His hands

I asked how He knew me

He showed my name engraved on His palm

Such a great lover and how did I miss Him all these years

And finally I asked His name

He said , 

“Be still and know that I’m God”

 Now I’m standing still with Him at my right hand


And Now, 

I’ve only countless reasons to live

I’ve only joy to give away

I’ve only a heart that sings only for you , my true love

My one and only Father,

The lover of my soul!


My Best Half

Each day as I wake up, I think about you. I pray that your day be well. You will have the strength and the courage to do everything in the way you desired. You wont lose hope when things are out of control. You would silently believe and calm

Imageyour mind saying that you are not alone and trust that my prayers are with you to bring you out of the calamity that you are facing right now.

My Best Half! That’s what I call you. Though I’ve never seen you, I know you are there. One day you are gonna find out your secret admirer.

I live each day with the promise God has given me that He would bring you to me safe, unharmed. I started trusting in God more when He gave me the reason to live. He said you will be mine forever.

Nights have become cold without you. But I believe the gentle breeze, the winds always carry my longings,my hugs and kisses safely to you. Have you felt me near you?

I think about you when I eat too ironically whether if I eat more you would hate me or not. I exercise and work out my best hoping that you wouldn’t be disappointed . And I always do hope that one day you would come for me seeing all this and tell me that “You are just fine the way you are dear”

“Dear God,

Keep my love safe. As he lies down on his bed tonight, make him see me in his dreams. Please replay the same dream where I saw him dance with me.

Love you!


Sweetkid ” 🙂

“Down to earth”

At the first look of this “title” you might think that it might be a post relating to a person who is showered with the quality of “humility”. Sorry to disappoint you guys! You are in here for a surprise.

Yesterday as I left church I was really excited to go to my junior church where I teach kids (hihi.. hopefully they are not misguided because God is still in control of the  wrong lessons I teach too 🙂 and He corrects mysteriously in His ways!!)

Anyways, as I left church I was greeted by a church member who jokingly passed a comment on the way I walked . As I’m really tall I take big leaps not like the “big leap for mankind one” as in  Neil Armstrong on moon!! But still I walk fast and it is really difficult for people to catch up. Hmmm..  So after seeing his display of my giant steps and being publicly humiliated in front of my mother and friend, I hung my head low and I literally pleaded to him not to expose my “funny walk” again!

Well after escaping by a whisker I was continuing the same style, unaffected by those cold remarks I again started to follow my own ways!!! Oops.. ….until I fell “down to earth”!!@!@##$%^$^ TRAGEDY!! I couldn’t barely move . Nearby shopkeepers flooded around as I lay there flat on ground. God has a very strange sense of humor I guess. I had felt proud of the way I escaped public humiliation at church , but there.. I’m humiliated in front of total strangers. They are offering me help, pulling me by hand, asking me to rest, shake my feet, drink water, what not! At that time I obeyed everything  they said word by word. I wonder where my intellect went! Suddenly I’m a little kid who fell when she was playing!! Blaaah!!

Well to keep the story short, my leg got sprained and I have been advised complete bed rest for this week!

What a wonderful way in which God offered me rest!! I’m grateful to Him c’mon who doesn’t like to just “sit simply” on bed with a laptop, a good book to rest your head 😛 and of course what is life without an ipod . But I’m sad because I’ve to miss my kids at church this entire week for their VBS(Vacation Bible School).

Whatever be the reason this happened it did make me feel down for few hours where I felt I’m useless. Too much fun is bad right!

Still I’m able to appreciate the little baby steps I take now than the giant leaps..hihi :D… Because those little steps were always and will always be the foundation. Maybe God wanted me to fashion my walk in the way He wanted it to be. Maybe He is telling me the way I did it might be really unsafe. I want to believe that alone is the purpose behind my historic fall.

My only prayer this time

“Dear God ,

Hold my hand as I learn to walk once again depending on Your strength.Make my feet strong to withstand the thorns and the heat on the way. Guide my path with Your light that can cast down all the darkness in my life.

Lord, have your way in me! “

So cheer up if you’ve become or have fallen  “down to earth” because God is going to lift you up to higher places! Its always good to refresh your  basics once in a while. Ground is the best place to start I guess! Return to the roots people (not with an accident !! :P)baby-steps