My Best Half

Each day as I wake up, I think about you. I pray that your day be well. You will have the strength and the courage to do everything in the way you desired. You wont lose hope when things are out of control. You would silently believe and calm

Imageyour mind saying that you are not alone and trust that my prayers are with you to bring you out of the calamity that you are facing right now.

My Best Half! That’s what I call you. Though I’ve never seen you, I know you are there. One day you are gonna find out your secret admirer.

I live each day with the promise God has given me that He would bring you to me safe, unharmed. I started trusting in God more when He gave me the reason to live. He said you will be mine forever.

Nights have become cold without you. But I believe the gentle breeze, the winds always carry my longings,my hugs and kisses safely to you. Have you felt me near you?

I think about you when I eat too ironically whether if I eat more you would hate me or not. I exercise and work out my best hoping that you wouldn’t be disappointed . And I always do hope that one day you would come for me seeing all this and tell me that “You are just fine the way you are dear”

“Dear God,

Keep my love safe. As he lies down on his bed tonight, make him see me in his dreams. Please replay the same dream where I saw him dance with me.

Love you!


Sweetkid ” 🙂


I’m Waiting

I’ve been thinking lately whether my words contradict my actions. I always carried the belief that I do things right. I was wrong. I’ve hurt people, broken their trust too a million times. The very words which I’m in love with had left me and no word can console the heal the hearts which I’ve broken.

Of course time heals and constant apologies have had effect in winning them back to me. Afterwards I do pause and take time to thank God for their change of heart in accepting me once again. I believe only God can give them a heart to forgive.

To all those who have given me a second chance and have not given upon me still I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To all those who are yet to accept my apology I just want to close with this saying :

“To err is humane but to forgive is divine “

I still choose to believe that you will come back for me one day.

I’m waiting..



This post is for you “Mumma”. It’s the least thing I can ever give to you for all that you have been to me.

” As a tiny tot when you left me to be cared by babysitters, I stood near the door looking through the keyhole whether any figure resembled you. God was with me. Your work room was right in front of the playschool and I stood the whole day watching how carefully you worked. I don’t know whether you knew it Mumma, I missed you the most then because I’m seeing you so close yet I’m so far away to reach you(I’m so tiny to get hold of the lock that was out of my reach 😛 ). I used to cry. When other kids played and forced me to join their games, I refused to part with you. When the babysitter would drag me away from the door  with the little strength I had, I pushed her so hard that I wouldn’t lose my place of solace. I fought for you Mumma when I was just four years old. Do you know why? I’m so much in love with you Mumma that I couldn’t imagine how I could live without you.

But as I grew up, somewhere around I parted ways with you. My ideas opposed yours. But still at the end of the day you stood with me as always 🙂 

During my late teens as my world became more cluttered you just silently stood there; not inciting me for any arguments whatsoever. You just prayed, prayed and prayed hoping that one day I will return back to you.

Now at 23, I know Mumma that your prayers have been answered. The tears you shed for me have not gone in vain. As I laid down on your lap yesterday I realized the warmth I missed all these years when I was keeping you out. Today when you cleared all the knots as you were combing my hair I realized your patience and endurance to make everything straight no matter how entangled things may appear.

I salute you Mother, my Secret Keeper, my Best Friend and my Life giver”

I love you always, Mumma 🙂Image