Crossroad Wanderer

Life is never the same. It surprises you , tortures you and makes you feel the happiest in every turn. But over the past few days my life is filled with pain and nothing else. The reason can be many. Insecurity to be precise. For all who are going through such unexpected roadblocks in life, I just want to say something to you, “Stay strong. You are more than what you believe. ” If you want to let go off that hurt, feel that episode happened to make you courageous only. God challenged your very being to know that pain is too weak in your way. The pain will disappear today. If not today , but there is a tomorrow where he has to give up on you. Be brave! Choose the other side of  the road.  Your blessing is still secure. No plan of enemy can prevail against you. Fight the good fight and come back home victorious. Your Heavenly Father has not given upon you yet. He is waiting for you with your crown of life. STAY BLESSED UNDER HIS WINGS!good-soldier-Christ-Jesus-300x247


I’m Nobody

To the world I bear a name. A name that is lost in the masses. Who would know me unless I shout out?I’m just a “nobody” to you. But I do have the right to speak out.

 I breathe , I eat , I cry, I laugh and I sigh. Understand I do not just “exist” but I live. I have feelings. I have emotions and I’ve a very weak heart so that you can hurt me easily and just walk past me. I’ve a wavering mind that you can easily deceive. Yes! I’m just a nobody.

I fool myself everyday thinking that today will be different. Today’s sun will not harm me. But I struggle to even look up , to bear the heat as it burns me inside out. 

I’m the voice that easily gets dissolved in the noises of the world. Just stop and look at me with just a bit of humanity. I’m also a man just like you are deserving every bit of attention that you receive, every word of praise that took you to places and every reward that made your life “picture perfect”.

If only you could giving me a helping hand, maybe a small pat on my back, a smile , a greeting, or simply if you could just  stop to “see” me , I would be so much better. Then I’ll somehow convince myself as always that there are people who do care.

You are good at pretending.  Why not just put a mask as always and make me feel good at least for a moment so that I’ll have a reason to live, a means to survive this world where I’m just a “Nobody”


PS: After reading this post I’m sure there would be many among you who might have been in this situation. I’ve just one thing to say to you which I read earlier when I was going through depression.


Being still..

It’s been two years since I blogged in WordPress.

Last time I was yelling at my full throat to make my views clear. But over the years I have suffered the consequences of my action. I realized the value of being still in this busy world could do wonders. Even though it takes a lot of self control to exercise this virtue of “being still” the efforts pays once you begin to reap its benefits.

I’m an impatient , overexcited person who loves to just talk about anything under the sun. Needless to say I’m really not a good choice for keeping secrets either. I have always exercised my fundamental right of speech anytime and anywhere. Not to mention the blessings I got and the curses I heard because my life is so incomplete without my talk!

I can never keep quiet and pretend that nothing has happened. I can never hide the mistakes I committed . I keep confessing the wrongs I do more than the rights I ever did. In a way I’ve opened doors for people to criticize me, poke me on face and just abuse me because of this nature.

Sometimes I wonder whether my world would be better without my talk. But I refuse to keep silent. If my silence can change the world then this world would have been a far better place already because most of them are keeping mum! Their silence is a reflection of the fact that they have been wronged in ways that are cruel , their dreams have been stabbed , their ideas have been mocked. An open door that leads to exit has always been there for some, and a closed door for others who thought they could change it on their own. I’m also one of them. I did keep silent when things went out of control. But I realized that my silence has quenched my very life as well. Why should I be a different person for others who never saw the real me? Why did I try so hard to fit in when I’m meant to stand out? Why couldn’t  I accept myself? The problem starts with me and the solution ends with me.

I didn’t value myself. So people didn’t value me either. When they passed funny and rude comments, blabbered lies about me I “silently” nodded. There, I made a mistake of not using my latent talent of “expressing my views publicly”. I silently heard their slanders, their sarcastic jokes believing every bit of rubbish they said.Image

I’m not the only one in this world who goes through this state of mind. Ask yourself. You can see a bit of me in your life too.

In the continuous quest of finding true love, wooing your loved ones, fitting in their shapes and sizes why don’t we all take a moment and look at ourselves and say this